Why Us

Social Media

Like Google, social media marketing is fraught with pot holes and landmines for the Adult Industry. You may ask yourself why?

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Google Reviews

A must for any business and as an adult based business you too can get google reviews BUT again because it is connected to your Google Plus account and because you have to be careful not to attract the ire of a giant like Google you MUST know how to promote your business on Google reviews/maps/plus and what you can and can’t do. Read more

Sales Consultants

DPC provides experienced and professional sales training by sale professionals with proven results in their chosen fields.

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Phone Sales

Do you use phone sales as part of your business? Do you have an online directory or product/service based business and believe phone sales will help grow your customer base? Have you researched and know that introducing effective phone sales training, KPIs and targets to incentivise your team is essential BUT where do you find that for your industry? Read more

Virtual Assistants

Are you crazy busy and wearing every single hat in your business? Spreading yourself too thin means you’re not doing the important things like growing your business.

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CRM Training

If you’re going to utilise phone sales training then you might want to consider using an effective CRM or Customer Relations Manager as another tool to help make your business successful. Technology provides solutions to your business on all levels and is statistically proven to improve sales results by 30% this is NOT a statistic you can afford to ignore. Ask about using a CRM effectively for your business with minimal cost and maximum results.

SEO & Advertising

SEO is a very valuable tool to any business, but is even more crucial in the Adult Industry, as covered off in What we do and Social Media

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The Bloggers Network

Have you ever heard of the expression bloggers are the new influencers? If you haven’t you’ve been hiding under a rock! Today there is a lot of ‘white noise’ when it comes to advertising, how do you know where to look, where to invest your funds, it never ends. However if you invest your time product and energy into a blogger the results can be extremely positive for your business. Read more

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DPC is a boutique agency, our aim is to help grow your business through customisable online solutions. We offer all types of marketing services, aimed at growing your business both online and your brick and mortar establishment.


Social Media Marketing

  • ■ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • ■ Set up of social platforms
  • ■ Social campaigns (inc strategy)
  • ■ Customised landing pages
  • ■ Facebook advertising
  • ■ Social branding for your business
  • ■ Email marketing

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Website Development

  • ■ Cost effective customised websites
  • ■ Ecommerce
  • ■ Industry based UX (user experience) websites
  • ■ Open source technology
  • ■ iOS Mobile App Development
  • ■ Android Mobile App Development
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Video Marketing & Photography

Video marketing is an important part of any business today and in many ways even more important and valuable to the Adult Industry. If you are looking for ways to promote your business your service providers or your products then talk to us. Read more
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Merchant Services for the Adult Industry

Have you tried getting merchant services for your Adult Industry based business? Do you need an online payment gateway for your escort directory or sell products and services but you just can’t get a reputable online payment gateway provider or merchant services from your banking institution? Read more

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Sales Training

As mentioned above in Sales Consultants we offer quality sales training to your establishment. Our consultants are professional who have proven success both locally and nationally. We can help train your staff and implement effective business processes for the overall success of your business. Perfect for parlours but absolutely can be applied to online businesses as well.
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Digital Advertising

Advertising: Social media isn’t the only way you can advertise your business, there are mainstream advertising platforms we can use, and Industry based magazines etc you just have to have understanding of state laws and legislations to be able to communicate effectively with these platforms, plus existing working relationships. We can do this for you as part of our professional marketing service. Read more
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Outsourcing is fast becoming the go to solution for Australian businesses both large and small. DPC has partnered with developers and outsourcing pioneers Hubport Outsourcing Inc. from the Philippines to bring you reliable and affordable quality services. Partnering with DPC means you not only save on time money and resources but you have a dedicated outsourcing coordinator to oversee your projects and negotiate what can sometimes be a tricky terrain, especially when working with overseas companies and staff. The following services are available through our outsourcing partnership.




Dedicated and intelligent virtual assistants that can assist you with everything from administration duties through to monitoring and managing your businesses social media and even appointment setting.


Ever wondered what it would take to hire a competent and reliable cost effective customer service team for your business? Then talk to us. We can set up entire staffing customer service teams from teams as little as 3-5 members and upward. We work with you to establish your criteria and customize your needs accordingly. Imagine a team available 24/67 to track goods and freight and take customer queries, or trained call center staff for telemarketing, technical support and more. 


Not only does outsourcing apply to staffing and administration assistants but also you can outsource your marketing and accounting needs to us. We have a network of talented professionals that we can call upon to meet your deadlines, help with your monthly quarterly and yearly marketing calendar and of course any accounting needs you may have. You may even outsource book keeping to us so that you can take on more clients.



Yes it’s a must these days and a huge benefit to your business but if you are tired of the exorbitant costs to pay local copywriters then give us a try. We can supply an extensive list of examples of our work for your perusal.



Graphic design can be costly but it is essential if you are to market a business today. From everything to website design, business logos and social media graphics we can supply them all at an affordable rate with excellent and creative workmanship!



Our partnership creates growth opportunities like no other. If you are a Digital Marketing specialist or consultant or an established agency you can opt to hire a dedicated SEO/SEM specialist per month or you can offer your clients one of our SEO packages either way it is worth a discussion with us, our prices mean you can grow your business exponentially.


All of our services come with different pricing options. You may like to hire a permanent copywriter on a monthly basis either part time or fulltime. Or you may choose to pay by the article; we have options to suit all budgets and needs for all of our services.


If you do not see what you need here in our list of services, simply contact us with your query.

Try our introductory free website audit and one month free trial now. No lock in contracts or fees! www.mylocalseo.com.au

Then don’t listen to us listen to our satisfied customers!

Grace falwasser

My name is Grace and I’m a new business owner in Australia. I developed my online directory back in late 2016 and spent a lot of money with a company that seemed great but struggled to get my business out there. I spoke to a good friend of mine mentioned they had a friend with their own SEO company My Local SEO. Initially sceptical I made a time to meet. Before we met in person Lillian took the time to discuss my business my business plan and goals and what my current SEO company were doing to get my business out there. Lillian was very professional she mapped out a plan and 6 months down the track we are exactly where we want to be with plans to launch more online businesses in Australia with Lillian and her team. Lillian shows passion, charisma and drive and she even inspires me with my own business! I highly recommend her and her company they’re a great team and very helpful this person gets the job done is very motivated and business savvy you need Lillian on your team if you want to succeed, I truly believe that! I can’t wait to get more projects started with her and My Local SEO later this year!

Grace falwasser
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Regina & Anna

We’ve been running a talent agency in Melbourne for more than 6 years now and in all that time we have worked with a several SEO companies. Not having any knowledge of SEO can be daunting as it evolves so fast and you feel like you need an Oxford education just to understand the lingo that these guys use.
Well our experience with My Local SEO changed all that and has been really wonderful! Lillian Thoms the co founder based in Melbourne has restored our faith in all that SEO promises to deliver, her attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. Unlike our experience with previous companies My Local SEO under promises and over delivers and with so much enthusiasm – Got to love that!

Regina & Anna
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What we do

Running an Adult Industry based business is hard work and unfortunately unlike ‘other’ industries it has many limitations regarding how and where you are able to ‘advertise’ your business. Even though in this country Adult industry based business or anything related to ‘sex’ work is Mostly legal or decriminalised, with the noted exception of SA and WA where the laws are largely convoluted and difficult to understand, you are still faced with opposition or censorship from various mainstream platforms. Today these platforms such as Google, facebook, Instagram, twitter (see our Social Media section for more info) have become the ‘norm’ in marketing your business, so what do you do when they are not available to your industry? How do you survive in a competitive industry and build your business when you cannot access marketing services that EVERY OTHER industry can? For more information on up to date state by state laws in Australia click here