How do you find quality aged services online?

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Lillian Thoms

Australia’s ageing population is increasing. In fact, almost one in five people will be aged 65 years and over by 2031 [The Conversation]. Thus, there is a huge demand for aged care services. So, putting up health and care services for the elderly would be a great option.


But, promoting health and care services online also requires expertise in marketing. Today, the best way to get potential clients is through the Internet and/or social media. Hence, these health and care services for the elderly need to have a presence online.


So, ensure that your facility is visible to your clients by optimising your website first. You can look for search engine optimisation (SEO) services based in Australia to help you with it.


Keep in mind, however, that there are several SEO mistakes committed by most websites. And by doing such, all the SEO efforts might be bound to fail.


Read further and get to know these common SEO mistakes you need to avoid.


How Potential Clients Find Elderly Health and Care Services Online


Think about your potential clients looking for elderly care services today.


What would they do if their parents are not getting any younger anymore? Now that they have a new family to take good care as well. Do they still have the time taking care of their parents?


Sure, they would want to, but their time would never be enough.


That is why they will search for an aged care facility to bring their parents in. So, how can they be assured that their elders are well-taken cared of?


Of course, their first resource would be looking through the internet. They will take a look at the facility’s background, services and contact information online.


Thus, wouldn’t it be great if your elderly health and care services are visible online?


Care to Optimise your Aged Care website?


The good news is that most of these elderly care service facilities have their own websites. But, for clients, they need to determine which one provides the best user experience.


So, you must utilise SEO techniques to help in building authority on your website. This is also to maximise its visibility and capture potential leads along the way.


Like training up a child to his/her adulthood, SEO also takes time, effort, and investment. That is, if you want to continue drive traffic and bring in new clienteles to your website.


But, you must beware of these SEO mistakes to attain better results.


Avoid These Search Engine Optimisation Mistakes


SEO is often times tricky. As with Google, it is constantly changing and updating its algorithms. Make sure you knew these common mistakes when doing an SEO for your site.


Expecting SEO Results Immediately


Ever since, what you are now is the result of hard work by your elders.


Same as with building and maintaining a website… It also requires hard work before you can get good results.


That is why expecting results immediately is a common mistake by most website owners.


Search engine optimisation requires time and effort to make your site visible online. And definitely, it does not come overnight. Also, there are other options to boost your website presence. But, it can also cost you some money.


Not Using Your Customers’ Vocabulary


Family is not an important thing; it is everything.


So, speak through your heart and show compassion on your site. Talk as if you were in their shoes. Use a conversational tone to reach out to your potential clients.


Use keywords and phrases that are familiar to your customers. Or perhaps, utilise words that often used in search engine tabs.


With this, your website represents what your facility is all about.


Poor User Experience


Your website should represent a new shelter for elders and how they are being taken care of.


Don’t make a website that is not user-friendly. Avoid making your website too difficult to navigate or have poorly written content. Simply because website visitors will refuse checking the entire site.


As mentioned, your website must be optimised to achieve virtual presence. It must contain all the information needed by your potential clients. This includes customer support online.


So, provide a good user experience on your site.


Bear in mind that your potential clients are looking for a home… A home that could take good care of their elders. Make your facility the home they are searching for online.


Start first by developing a positive user experience on your website.


Get Help from an SEO Expert in Melbourne


Search engine optimisation can help make your aged care facility visible online. But, it is also imperative to determine these SEO mistakes and know how to avoid them.


Let us take care of your website so you can take care of your potential clients. Contact our local SEO expert in Melbourneto optimise your website today.




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