SEO – More value for your money

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Lillian Thoms

Have you researched SEO prices lately? Did you find a great package really affordable and when you enquired you got 3 whole local keywords for that price? My name is Lillian and I am the Director/Founder of DPC and I come from a digital sales background and have worked for some of the biggest Digital based publishes in Oz. My job was to sell to you so I know all about clever sales pitches that sell you sub standard solutions taking whatever money they can get because it’s all about their bottom line! Ive researched SEO Ive talked to SEO people I do SEO, I know we can do great things here in Australia but you are paying for fancy cars and big pay packets a lot of the time. Im tired of digital solutions costing you the earth and getting you no-where.
So I created Mylocaseo with my outsourcing partners in the Philippines. My partners are SEO professionals and I am on the ‘on ground person’ who drives our prices, solutions and offers to market. I wanted to create affordable options that gave Australian businesses comprehensive solutions that actually worked. So we worked to create three different packages with different price points but with comprehensive SEO services because SEO is comprehensive it is not as simple as a keyword theme. It requires time, persistence and lots of content marketing including social. Google wants to reward you for being an authority, for producing content that people actual need and find useful not just a bunch of backlinks. I have never wanted to deliver a solution that doesn’t work and now that I work for myself I have that control. Just take a look at our packages and see for yourself at have a look at our testimonials and our FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL try it for yourself – obligation FREE! Let me put my money where my mouth is!

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