Happy Friday!

Posted on November 25, 2016 by Lillian Thoms

Its the end of the week…sigh and everyone is winding up or should be. Ive just finished my first week in my new office @ One Roof Women in Southbank Melbourne. This is a terrific space where women come together under One Roof to run their businesses and network with each other. There is a hub of activity and we are getting ready for Friday afternoon drinks.
This week we achieved so much at DPC we have sent out our first newsletter / created SEO and VA trial offers for our audience and are in the process of creating another video to share with the masses. These are the highlights but the week has also been filled with non stop administration processes, lead generation, busy busy busy. If your week has been pretty much the same as mine perhaps you can use the services of one of our very useful and helpful VA’s I know I could not get by in a week without mine!

But here is a little video to help you think about ways to make your day more effective and productive in the meantime
credit: Travis Bradberry , CONTRIBUTOR Forbes.com!

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