Where would I be without my Virtual Assistant?

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Lillian Thoms

Well basically I would be well and truly stuffed. I run a busy start up and even though we are in the beginning phases of our business there is so much to do that I couldn’t possibly do it all myself.

What if I did have to do it all by myself in the busy start up phase?

Well my social wouldn’t happen that’s the first thing, as I have no time to research content, as well as figuring out on top of everything else, how to schedule Hootsuite… it just wouldn’t happen.My graphics, spreadsheets I use for marketing, administration basically everything I do…would not happen

My whole business is dependent on me having assistance and I cannot afford to hire someone here in Australia to do most of this for me so I have hired a VA from the Philippines. I went through my partners in the Philippines, a business I have worked with for over three years and they gave me a selection of VA’s all based upon my needs. I basically wanted someone who like me could possibly do a little bit of everything but most importantly she had to be smart and intuitive.

I interviewed my Va’s over Skype after studying their CV’s for a week and picked the VA I pretty much knew was going to be the best person for the job.

Of course I had to train her, Im big on processes but I had assistance from my business partners and backup, they specialise in outsourcing VA’s and other services but mostly it was up to me to decide what works well for me and my business. Structure is important and early on you will identify the best way to communicate. After all english is my VA’s (lou) second language and she is a world away in another country. That didn’t take long we quickly established that the best way for us to communicate daily was through google chat, we set up our entire business on Google Drive using G-Suite (the perfect & most affordable way to run an international relationship/business) and the rest is history. She’s smart she’s quick and she’s very loyal, honest and dedicated what more could you want in an assistant?

Here’s some additional information to help convince you that starting a business without some sort of assistance is like signing your businesses death warrant AND more information on why using a virtual assistant is proving more and more to be the most logical and cost effective way to let your business breath and flourish esp in the early start up phase.

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