Win a 30 second video for your business

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Lillian Thoms

Video marketing is all too important today but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Today you can use online programs to make your own and we like Powtoons the real issue is how to make it on point. You need to strive to get your message across as concisely as possible in around 30 seconds as we humans have very limited attention spans even more so today.
It’s pretty much the same with any type of delivered message whether it’s music, video, Facebook posts you have to grab them as quickly as possible.So here a few tips to help you make great video-
1. Keep it short around 30 seconds is appropriate
2. Think about the message and write the script using slides as your script format ie Slide 1. Slide text here (will be accompanied by video graphics)
3. Keep it to around 10 slides if possible
4. The text per slide is your script you’ll probably need to rewrite and edit
5. Test the times
6. Use emotion in both background music and images/graphics ie. funny haha or moving your aiming to make a connection with your audience
7. Run it through make sure it feels right and flows right
8. Include your contact details
9. Push out through all of your social
10. Make sure your main message is the last slide before the contact slide at the end

Or you can just subscribe to our mailing list and we will make you an on-point professional video that you can use again and again to promote your business and brand.

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